What my dead fish taught me

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What my dead fish taught me

A couple weeks back, I noticed one of my fish floating on its side, near the top of the tank.

I immediately called in an expert, and upon arrival, the poor little guy had passed.

The first thing the fish tank-guy said was, “we need to act now, before any of your other fish become sick.”

Confused, I asked, “what do we do? Is there medicine? Or special food? Or something else?”

He replied, “no, nothing like that” …

And what he said next has sat in my mind ever since.

“You don’t treat the fish; you treat the water.”

Maybe, I’m a little crazy, it’s just a fish, right?

But I think this phrase has SO MUCH to take away.

You see, when most people want to improve their life…

They treat everything BUT the water.

They put great effort into improving themselves but pay no attention to what’s around them.

There was nothing wrong with the fish.

Just the environment he was in.

If you’re looking to improve your life, that’s the first step you should take.

Change your environment.

I’m not saying you need to pack up your things and move to the other side of the country.

Instead, actively seek to put yourself around good people, with great intentions, and huge goals.

And watch yourself grow, effortlessly.